Permanent Tattoos from a 3D Printer

The time has to a point in our lives where we use machines for just about anything, so much so that some machines even have replaced people’s jobs. THEY TURK ER JOBS! (had to say it)

Now technology has leaked into the tattoo world.

In October 2013, a teams of designers from the famous design school in Paris, ENSCI les Ateliers, have developed a computer guided machine that can tattoo right onto a person!

(This reminds me of of the scene in the movie Idiocracy where people had to get a barcode tattoo by placing their arm onto a machine.)

The designers used 3D imaging software to create and implement designs that the printer can draw.

3D printer hacked into a tattoo machine

The original design of this machine was intended to draw designs with a pen instead of tattooing. However being the scholars that they are, they took their self-drawing machine one step further and “hacked” a tattoo gun in place of the pen.

3D printer hacked into a tattoo machine3D printer hacked into a tattoo machine3D printer hacked into a tattoo machine


Of course like any well thought experiment, human trials were not conducted right off the bat. Fake skin comprised of silicone was used to tattoo on. A simple circle design is perfect because it shows the great precision and flawless-ness of the machine

#D printer hacked into tattoo machine fake skin

Once they were confident enough that their machine would work on humans, many people volunteered to be the first human to be tattooed by machine

An inner tube was used to isolated a portion of the arm so that the machine could grasp the spot easier.

3D printer hacked into a tattoo machine


Check out this amazing video that was put together that shows how this was done and how the machine is used.


3D PRINTER X TATTOO MACHINE / EP 01 from appropriate audiences on Vimeo.


3D PRINTER X TATTOO MACHINE / EP 02 from appropriate audiences on Vimeo.

[source: ]

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Nipple Tattoos for Breast Cancer

Meet Vinnie Myers.

nipple tattoo

He is the owner of Finksburg Maryland Based tattoo shop “Little Vinnie’s”

This tattoo shop is not like any other, Vinnie specializes in 3-D realistic nipple tattoos.

His clientele that request these special tattoos are breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy (medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breast, partially or completely.)



Before artists like Vinnie, Doctors were trained in how to tattoo nipples onto their cancer patients. This led to many woman leaving their doctors office with disfigured nipple tattoos.

Vinnie saw a need in the breast cancer community for high quality, professional realist nipple tattoos.


Vinnie’s customizes colors for each individual customer depending on their desired color and skin tone.


Here he mixes several colors to achieve the desired pink color tone in which this particular customer requested.


Like any great tattoo artist, Vinnie maps out the placements of the nipples according to the shape of the breast.


He has seen clients from all over the world. His reputation has become popular among the breast cancer community. There is a great need for nipple reconstruction and although there can be additional surgeries post-mastectomy, many woman rather tattoo a nipple on themselves rather than undergo a whole new surgery.


source :[ New York Times:A Tattoo That Completes a New Breast ]

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18 Different Ear Piercings You Should Know

There are many different types of piercings and placements for your ear.

There is a bit of confusion going around about the proper names and placement for certain piercings.

Allow us to clear the air with this Ear Piercing Diagram.

ear lobe cartilage piercing diagram

Here is a list of 18 ear piercings you should know.

1. Lobe Piercing

ear lobe ear piercing diagram ear lobe piercing

The simple lobe piercing is self explanatory and probably the most common piercing of all. It is a piercing through the soft tissue

2. Upper Lobe Piercing

upper lobe ear piercing diagram upper lobe ear piercing diagram

The upper earlobe varies from person to person depending on the shape and contour of your ear. The upper lobe is the soft tissue that starts at the lobe and travels up to the ‘snug piercing’ area.

3. Stretched Lobe Piercings

stretched gauged ear lobe ear piercing diagramstretched gauged ear lobe piercing

One of the most popular piercings in the body modification community is stretched ears. Stretched ears begin with a small piercing in the ear lobe, over time and through proper stretching techniques, this piercing can be achieved.

4. Transversal Lobe Piercing

transversal ear lobe ear piercing diagramtransversal ear lobe piercing

The transversal lobe piercing involves a barbell penetrating through the side of the earlobe through to the other side of the lobe. Done correctly, the barbell should be hidden within the tissue of the earlobe.

5. Industrial / Scaffolding Piercing

industrial scaffolding ear piercing diagramindustrial scaffolding piercing

The Industrial piercing (also called scaffolding) is a barbell that reaches the helix all the way to the forward helix. There are many different styles of the industrial piercing, the style and placement usually depend on your own anatomy and how creative you can get.

6. Vertical Industrial Piercing

vertical industrial ear piercing diagram vertical industrial piercing

A vertical Industrial Piercing is similar to the Industrial piercing but instead is vertical. It is usually pierced through the conch to the inner conch. Another popular style of vertical industrials involves the barbell pierced through the conch to the top of the helix (as shown in the *alternate style*)

7. Tragus Piercing

tragus ear piercing diagramtragus piercing

The tragus piercing is placed on the cartilage “flap” that hovers over the opening of the ear canal.

8. Anti-Tragus Piercing

anti-tragus ear piercing diagramanti-tragus piercing

The anti-tragus is pierced through the piece of cartilage that resembles the tragus but is on the opposite side.

9. Helix / Scapha Piercing

helix scapha ear piercing diagramhelix scapha piercing

The helix piercing can be placed nearly anywhere along the rim of the ear where the deep tissue exists. Since not every person’s ear is the same, not everyone would have an ideal cartilage for proper placement of the helix.

10. Forward Helix Piercing

foward helix ear piercing diagramfoward helix piercing

The forward helix is the cartilage portion of the helix that curves downward.

11. Daith Piercing

daith ear piercing diagramdaith piercing

The daith piercing is the cartilage under the forward helix that continues onto the inner part of the ear.

12. Rook Piercing

rook ear piercing diagramrook piercing

The rook piercing usually involves a curved barbell that pierces the cartilage of the upper part of the inside of the ear.

13. Snug Piercing

snug ear piercing diagramsnug piercing

The snug piercing is placed through the cartilage of the same ridge in which the rook is placed but farther away from the face. Needless to say this is not a phone or pillow-friendly piercing.

14. Ragnar Piercing

ragnar ear piercing diagramragnar piercing

The ragnar piercing is sort of a mix of the “snug piercing” and the “transversal lobe”. This piercing enters the same way a snug would but continues on through the cartilage and soft tissue so that it comes out of the helix. If done correctly, the barbell will be hidden in the ear tissue and cartilage. This is similar to the transversal lobe.

15. Conch Piercing

conch ear piercing diagramconch piercing

The conch piercing is in the inside lower part of the ear. There can be multiple conch piercings like the Triple Conch piercing in the example above.

16. Outer Conch Piercing

outer conch ear piercing diagramouter conch piercing

The outer conch is pierced through the cartilage of the upper portion of the ear. Many people have multiple outer conch piercings like the example above.

17. Inner Conch Piercing

inner conch ear piercing diagram inner conch piercing

The inner conch can be a stud or barbell that goes through the inner part of the ear under the outer conch area and behind the forward helix piercing

18. Orbital Piercing

orbital ear piercing diagramorbital piercing

Orbital piercings can be placed just about any place on the ear as long your specific anatomy will allow. The orbital is usually a captive bead ring that is pierced through 2 piercings.

ear piercing diagram

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All New Nipple Rings to Look Out for This Summer

Nipple jewelry in a variety of shapes, colors and designs, choose from piercing and non-piercing body jewelry. If you are passionate to shine, try our barbells made for nipple piercings. #nipple #rings #barbell #piercing #pasties #breast #cancer #awareness #star #skull #rose #key #butterfly
Nipple Rings


Surgical steel jewelry

Surgical steel jewelry

Surgical steel jewelry

Butterfly jewelry

Heart ring

Skull jewelry

Surgical steel jewelry

Jewellery box

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Round window treatment

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