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Before Getting a Piercing, Things to Think About!

When considering getting pierced, there are several factors to take into account. Healing Time Many people don’t realize that some piercings hurt longer than others. Piercings like eyebrow, lips, lobes and other fleshy parts stop hurting after about three weeks … Continue reading

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Piercings Curved Barbells Are Used For

The term “curved barbell” encompasses many types of body jewelry. The banana bar is the most common type of curved barbell. This piece of body jewelry looks just like a barbell only it’s slightly bent, giving it the shape of … Continue reading

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What Are Tunnel Plugs?

For many people, the recent westernization of gauging body piercings may seem like just a passing fad. The fact is, stretching earlobes, septum’s, and lips is an ancient cultural tradition. Historically, the materials used for these piercings are bone, horn, … Continue reading

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Hiding Your Body Piercings with Retainers

Body piercings add personality, style, and individuality to anyone’s body. Sometimes, we can find ourselves in situations where our piercings must be covered, such as during certain medical procedures or at school or work. At other times, our body jewelry … Continue reading

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