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Body Jewelry: Win a FREE Piercing!

Do you like FREE stuff? Of course you do, who doesn’t? That’s why at Wicked Body Jewelz it is our pleasure to give you the opportunity to win a FREE PIERCING! Sounds impossible right? Correction my friends, anything is possible; … Continue reading

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Piercing Jewelry: DC Comic Body Jewelry

Alright everybody, we all know that Wicked Body Jewelz is a fan of super heroes, super powers and anything else that is just completely full of awesome- well, now we are bringing yet another line of incredible superhero merchandise to … Continue reading

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Wicked Body Jewelz: New Wicked Website

Hey Wicked fans! It is that time again where we at Wicked Body Jewelz step up our game and present you with yet another big bang to blow your mind with better access to your favorite body jewelry! Get ready … Continue reading

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Body Jewelry: What is a Surface Piercing?

The ability to place jewelry on unusual areas of the body is due to a practice people call surface piercing. This piercing places the jewelry under the skin only, without breaking through other tissue. The body will try to react … Continue reading

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