15 Different Types of Lip Piercings Explained

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Lip Piercings

Different types of lip piercings

When the idea of a lip piercing comes to mind many might think of a simple labret or hoop piercing. The most popular lip piercing of all time would have to be the Marilyn Monroe inspired offset labret piercing.

Enjoy this visual diagram of all the different types of lip piercings that we put together for you our loyal wicked fans and customers.

diagram of the different kinds of lip piercings


There are many different types of lip piercings all with different names. Some piercings are directly on the lips, some are pierced on the surrounding area of the lips. Allow us to provide you with examples of several different types of lip piercings.


monroe piercing example lip piercing

monroe piercing


The monroe piercing on the lip is done on the upper lip on the person’s left hand side slightly off center.



madonna piercing lip

madonna piercing lip


The Madonna piercing is done opposite of the monroe piercing. It is done on the person’s right hand side on the upper lip slightly off center.



medusa lip piercing

medusa piercing


The medusa piercing is done on the center of the upper lip.



jestrum lip piercing

jestrum lip piercing


The center of the upper lip is pierced like the medusa and goes through the lip and comes down to the bottom of the upper lip.



horizontal lip piercing horizontal lip piercing


This rare piercing goes through the bottom lip usually coupled with a curved barbell.



vertical labret lip piercing

vertical labret lip piercing


This piercing goes through the top surface of the bottom lip and out the bottom so that both studs are seen.



dahlia lip piercing

dahlia lip piercing


The dahlia piercing is done on both sides of the end of the mouth.



labret lip piercing

labret lip piercing


This piercing is opposite of the medusa where the piercing is done on the center of the lower lip.



angel bite lip piercing

angel bites bite piercing lipAngel Bite piercings resemble a combination of the monroe and madonna piercings where both sides of the upper lip are pierced.



cyber bite lip piercing

cyber bites lip piercingCyber bites resemble a combination of the medusa and labret piercing locations where the top center of the upper lip and the bottom center of the lower lip is pierced.



canine bite lip piercing

canine bite lip piercing


Canine bites involve four different piercings on both the left and right side of the upper lip and bottom lip.



dolphin bite lip piercingdolphin bite lip piercings


Dolphin bites involve two piercings on the center of the lower lip spaced accordingly.




spider bite lip piercing

spider bite lip piercings


Spider bite piercings involve two piercings either on the left or right hand side spaced accordingly.



shark bite lip piercing

shark bite lip piercingsShark bites involve four piercings where two are grouped on the left side and the other two are grouped on the right side of the lower lip.



snake bite lip piercings

snake bite lip piercingsSnake bites are done on the bottom of the lower lip with one piercing on the left side and the other on the right side.


There you have it, 15 different kinds of lip piercings to take into account if you are considering a lip piercing but don’t know what to get. With an ever changing and growing body modification culture, there will always be new methods and jewelry that will manifest into new styles of piercings. So this list is just a reflection of popular lip piercings as of this moment.



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