Get Schooled on Your Piercing Knowledge PART 3

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So, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when checking my personal profile on Facebook. For whatever reason, I can choose exactly what picture I want to display that goes with the blog when posting these blogs to Facebook, but I CAN NOT choose what picture is seen on people’s personal profiles. I had a little bit of a surprise when I saw a picture of a BIG PIERCED PENIS on my profile page. Depending upon your preference, I’m either sorry, or you’re very welcome!

Now on to more pierced genitals and tender bits and pieces, twigs and berries, etc. You get the picture, so now let’s take a look at some! Piercings covered under letters E and F. GO!

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26. Ear Project – Any complex multi-pierced set of ear piercing, involving tapers, barbells, captives, plugs or any other piercings your heart could imagine.

Ear Project Involving Multiple Piercings

27. Ear spiral – A coiled piece of jewelry spiraling through multiple ear piercings. These piercings should look like normal piercings, although the placement of these piercings should be EXACTLY lined up with the spacing coil, being consistent from start to finish.

Ear Spiral

28. Eyebrow piercings – Generally vertical (or almost vertical) surface piercings through the ridge of the eyebrow. These can be done with straight and curved barbells and even captives. Wear something else other than barbells or captives as your eyebrow piercing. Let me know and send me a picture to show off in one of my next blogs!

Eyebrow Piercing

29. Eyelid piercings – Although more rare than other types of piercings, eyelid piercings are relatively self explanatory. A captive jewelry loops through the eyelid. Many who get this type of jewelry don’t really experience irritation with this piercing but might opt to take it out due to allergies of all things!

Eyelid Piercing

30. Female Guiche piercing – A female guiche piercing is an extremely rare perineal piercing. The female guiche is placed across the perineum, running from leg to leg rather than from front to back, which in most cases would be an anal-to-vaginal piercing.

Female Guiche Piercing

31. Finger Ring piercing- A temporary surface piercing through the finger surface. It’s temporary for multiple reasons. With the constant movement of fingers, stress is put on the piercing which causes it to reject relatively easily. Fingers are also significant sources of bacteria and infections which make this temporary piercing more for show than for function.

Finger Piercing

Engagement Ring Finger Piercing

Another Finger Piercing

32. Flesh coil piercing – An extention of flesh stapling technology, this piercing is a double staple that spirals through the piercing.

Flesh Coil Piercing

33. Flesh Stapling piercing - Flesh stapling type piercings were an attempt to acheive an aesthetic similar to pocketing (where the middle of the jewelry, rather than the ends, is exposed), but with a dramatically increased chance of healing. This was done by combining the designs of pocketings and surface bars, resulting in a closed staple shaped piece of jewelry.

Flesh Stapling Piercing

34. Foreskin piercing – Piercings through the foreskin are fast to heal and can be done with practically any jewelry.

Foreskin Piercing

35. Fourchette piercing - A labial piercing done at the rear rim of the vagina. Jewelry commonly used is a curved barbell, or a straight barbell if a shorter length is needed.

Fourchette Piercing

36. Frenulum piercing – Most frenula are found inside of the mouth. The frenulum linguae resides under the tongue, the frenulum labii superioris is inside the upper lip, the frenulum labii inferioris is inside the lower lip, and the buccal frena which connect the cheeks to the gum.

Frenulum Piercing

37. Frenum Ladder piercings – Frenum piercings placed in sequence are known as a frenum ladder. They are usually placed along the bottom of the penis, and sometimes continue along into a scrotum or even guiche ladder. Other placements (on the top or side) are also possible.

Frenum Ladder Piercings

38. Frenum piercing – A piercing performed through the surface skin of the shaft of the penis just under the glans, but not entering the urethra or the shaft core. The piercing is done across (transversely) to the shaft, but the term is sometimes extended (incorrectly) to include piercings running longitudinally (parallel to the length of the shaft) elsewhere on the penis.

Frenum Piercing

Next time, we cover G through H! Learning something about piercings? Share with us your thoughts, stories or anything random you can think of. We love hearing from you, and I promise to respond! For those of us that celebrate it, ENJOY YOUR FOURTH OF JULY!

Happy Fourth of July!

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