Hiding Your Body Piercings with Retainers

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Body piercings add personality, style, and individuality to anyone’s body. Sometimes, we can find ourselves in situations where our piercings must be Body Piercing Retainerscovered, such as during certain medical procedures or at school or work. At other times, our body jewelry causes irritation, and we need to try different jewelry material. And sometimes we simply want a change of scenery.

Piercing retainers solve these problems. Retainers are made from glass or flexible plastic. They keep the piercing hole open without drawing attention to the hole. Available retainer colors include clear or colors that resemble a mole or pimple which is especially useful for lip piercing retainers and nose retainers. Retainers are available in the same sizes and shapes as metal body jewelry.

Retainers are comfortable to wear. Nose piercing retainers are easily inserted in the form of straight posts with a secure fixing inside the nose or curved which requires no fixing. Lip piercing retainers require special care to insert to make sure you do not lose the small O-ring used to secure the retainer inside your mouth. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water before inserting or taking out retainers.

New piercings must completely heal before a piercing retainer is inserted. This is especially true for lip piercings and nose piercings where infection can happen easily. Body piercing specialists at wickedbodyjewelz.com can answer all your piercing and piercing retainer questions. Here, you will find nose retainers, lip piercing retainers, eyebrow retainers, and other body piercing retainers in multiple styles with affordable prices which allow you to maintain your individuality and your body piercings intact.

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