Organic Body Jewelry – Plugs

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When you’re shopping for organic body jewelry selection and quality play a major role in how you choose what pieces you’ll actually purchase. Having a large variety to choose from can make selecting the right pieces more difficult. But knowing what you enjoy wearing and what’s comfortable can help in that decision.

Handcrafted Organic Body Jewelry

Wicked Body Jewelz stocks a large selection of organic body jewelry that is hand selected for quality and style. Our buyers always work hard to find unique pieces that are not only comfortable but our well manufactured. Organic body jewelry is made from a variety of materials you can choose from stone, bone, horn, coral and wood. We offer hundreds of choices from all of the above mentioned materials.

Organic Stone Plugs

Our collection of stone plugs come in a large selection of sizes and colors along with unique patterns that are always one-of-a-kind. As these gauge plugs are made from organic stone no two are ever the same. Stone is very comfortable and comes in a variety of styles you can choose from flared and double flared gauge plugs in a huge selection of colors. Made from different types of stones you can find plugs for just about any look you want.

Organic Bone Plugs

Another popular type of organic body jewelry plug we offer are usually hand carved from bone. Bone offers a unique look along with the true artist touch as hand carved bone plugs are is unique as you are. Made from a variety of bone our organic bone plugs are available in different gauges and sizes along with design patterns.

Organic Horn Plugs

Another unique look is our plugs made from Horn. You can choose from flared and double flared along with O-rings in different shapes making them it one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Again as these are handcrafted it makes are horn gauge plugs truly a unique piece of jewelry from the design to the color and style you’ll never find to exactly the same. Tunnel horn plugs provide a unique look and can be very comfortable to wear. All of our horn plugs are sold in pairs and you can choose from different gauges, sizes, shapes and styles.

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