Piercing Jewelry: DC Comic Body Jewelry

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Alright everybody, we all know that Wicked Body Jewelz is a fan of super heroes, super powers and anything else that is just completely full of awesome- well, now we are bringing yet another line of incredible superhero merchandise to your reach! Ever heard DC Comics? (Dumb question I know) We’re DC Comics Batman Plugstalking about Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, the legends of heroism; well, now you can start thinking in terms of DC body jewelry! We at Wicked Body Jewelz are honored with ability to provide you with such historical products!

Our jaw dropping DC plugs are going to blow your mind. For all of you Batman fans, our single flare Batman plugs are just for you. We offer these pieces of body jewelry in both acrylic and surgical steal (with a screw fit backing); added, you can also find them in a variety of sizes to fit your needs!

Now, my heart lies with Superman all the way, which brings me to our next treat for you- Superman plugs! These bad boys also come made of both acrylic and surgical steal (with a screw fit backing); these too with an abundance of sizes to choose from.

Some more DC body jewelry we offer are some flat headed bar bells with both the Superman and Batman logos! These surgical steal barbells would be great for a tongue or various ear piercings.

You’re currently sitting in your seat probably wondering, “What about Wonder Woman?” Do not fret my friends because you now have access to an incredible Wonder Woman Belly ring. This piece of body jewelry is gold plated, complete with two gems and a dangly image of Wonder Woman in her prime. Fancy huh?

With such fabulous choices of DC body jewelry, you can’t go wrong with any decision; so, enjoy your new DC Comic body jewelry and don’t forget to stay updated with Wicked’s super hero merchandise!

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