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Stone Plugs- What do they Mean?

Here at Wicked, we’ve got a huge selection of organic plugs, composed of wood, bone, and a variety of different stones. Each stone has a meaning, and can help bring certain properties depending on the stone. Here are four stone … Continue reading

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All About Nipple Piercings

Thinking about getting your nipples pierced? I often get questions about the pain, the aftercare, and whether or not it’s really worth it. Before getting pierced, make sure you read this guide to answer every question you may have. Initial … Continue reading

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Caring for Organic Jewelry

One of the biggest sellers Wicked Body Jewelz has is our large collection of Organic Body Jewelry.  They are beautiful, unique, and we have them for some of the best prices around.  However, they stand out from metal and acrylic … Continue reading

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Get Summer Schooled on Your Piercing Knowledge

How’s your knowledge on more than 150 different piercings? Even if you’ve got many of these piercings you probably can’t name them all, especially with new ones magically popping up every few years. Piercers get creative and pierce a different … Continue reading

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