What Gauge Are You?

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“What gauge are you?”…. What on earth does that even mean?!?! And why should I care?

Standard earring gauge

Now, you might be asking yourself why you bought a piece of body jewelry that says it’s an ‘earring’ but you go to put it in, and it doesn’t fit because the post is too large. Frustrated that your new jewelry is too large, you decide to just put it in any way. Well now you’ve shoved it in your ear, and your ear feels as though it’s been doused in gasoline and set aflame, and it looks as red as an apple. Why did this happen? You have a standard sized piercing, and you’ve purchased a piece jewelry that you didn’t realize showed a specific size? When you aren’t versed in these sort of things, they can easily go unnoticed, because the description can say ‘earring’, so generally you would assume, “I wear earrings all the time! This must fit me!”, and that can be wrong. So I’d like to pass on a little knowledge to my readers as to what a standard gauge for an ear piercing is, and I will later get into the standard sizes of some other piercings. :)

  • Standard gauge with a gun is 20 gauge – 18 gauge            .
  • Standard gauge when pierced at a piercing shop is anywhere from 18-14 gauge.
  • Gauges range from 20 – 00.
  • The larger the number gauge, the smaller the width of jewelry.
  • Anything beyond a 00 gauge, will then be measured in parts of an inch, or in millimeters.

Now of course there is going to be variable depending on where you go. So if you are thinking about getting your ears pierced for the first time, or maybe you just want to add another hole to your collection, be sure to ask your piercer what gauge they are going to pierce you with. Sometimes they will let you choose, depending on what type of jewelry you plan to wear, and if you plan to stretch your piercing. You are always safer going with a professional piercer, rather than a gun or doing it by yourself!

Either way! Be cognizant of the product descriptions, prior to purchasing anything, to ensure that you are going to receive the correct size for your piercing. No one wants to tear their ear and bleed or feel discomfort, and there is no need to go through unnecessary pain or frustration over your new purchasing! Besides, don’t we buy new jewelry because it’s fun?

Be sure to watch for more articles in regards to the standards of gauges for your piercings!

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  • Lindsey Abbot

    I love it! To the silly man with huge ears and large mustache I loved it. Good job. I look forward to reading more!